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In 2022, we celebrated 20 years of Carus Summer Science Camp! Thank you to the dedicated teachers, volunteers, and community members who continue to support this wonderful event each year. 

The 20th annual camp took place July 18th to 22nd at St. Bede Academy. We celebrated with pizza, cupcakes, and a special career panel featuring STEM professionals from the local community. 

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Sara Shin

T-Shirt Design Contest

To celebrate 20 years of Science Camp, we hosted a t-shirt design contest for all 5th grade students in the area. Students were encouraged to brainstorm a fun science-themed design. 

Congratulations to our winner Sara Shin from Peru Catholic School! 

Sara’s winning design is featured on the 2022 Carus Summer Science Camp t-shirts for campers, staff, and Carus employees. She also received early bird registration for Carus Summer Science Camp, and an end of year pizza party for her class.

Parent Testimonials

2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Carus Summer Science Camp. About 600 Illinois Valley students have graduated from the camp since it started in 2001. The event is held every July at St. Bede Academy in Peru and is open to students entering 6th grade in the fall.

Carus recognizes the important role parents play in the camp’s success. Parents are often the ones who encourage their kids to follow their dreams and interests, plus they make sure campers have a ride to and from camp every day! We reached out to a few Carus parents whose children have attended the camp, and they were excited to discuss the impact Science Camp has had on their children’s lives.

Terrie Kruswicki and Kids

Terrie Kruswicki, Maximo Specialist

About Her Kids’ Camp Experience:

“All three of my children have attended the Science Camp over the past 11 years. My oldest son, Jordon, is now 20 and entering his third year in college. He was so enthusiastic after he attended the Camp when he was in sixth grade that my other two (Bailey and Trey) begged to attend. My youngest is now excelling in science in school, and I think Science Camp played a key part. It really sparked a passion in him for science!”

Camp Favorites:

“All three kids took something different away from Science Camp, but the canal boat ride was a huge hit with all of them. I commend the camp leaders because they always add something different each year to keep it fresh and unique. The kids learned that science can be hands-on and fun!”

Why Parents Should Encourage Science Camp:

“Parents should encourage their kids to attend because the Camp leaders do such a great job of putting the Camp together. It is fantastic! It is also a plus the kids get to socialize with kids from different schools, so it is a great experience in every way!”

Carlos Larios and Family

Carlos Larios, Quality Control Supervisor

About His Kids’ Camp Experience:

“My son was the first to attend the Summer Science Camp. I was a volunteer when he attended, so that made it even more fun! He found the hands-on experiments especially intriguing and it was nice to get to do them with him. He is now attending community college and remembers Camp with great fondness. My daughter also enjoyed all the science experiments when she attended. For years the kids had heard me talk about my science work at Carus, but the Camp allowed them to see firsthand some of what I do every day. The camp experience sparked their imaginations and now they both plan to pursue careers in medicine.”

Camp Favorites:

“The science experiments were at the top of their favorites list. They also enjoyed building rockets and then getting to see them fly. In addition, they enjoyed seeing the different chemical reactions and realizing how things work. For instance, now when they buy detergent at the store, they think about how it is made to wash their clothes. So, it has changed their world views. They see the world in a very different light.”

Why Parents Should Encourage Science Camp:

“If your kids show any interest in science, then encourage them to attend Science Camp because it will pique their curiosity. There is something magical about science experiments that can leave a big impact on the imagination and career path.”

Deb Bibula and Daughter Kaitlyn

Deb Bibula, Controller

About Her Kid’s Camp Experience:

“My daughter, Kaitlyn, has always been interested in science, so I knew it would be a great experience for her. She learned so many new things that broadened her horizons and interest in science. Kaitlyn found all the hands-on experiments to be lots of fun!”

Camp Favorites:

“Kaitlyn really liked the field trips a lot! The trip to the LaSalle water treatment plant was an eye-opener. She got to see how the plant operates and how they treat the wastewater before it goes back into the water system. She also liked the trip to the canal and riding the canal boat. The hand-on science experiments made her want to do and learn more at her school’s STEM lab, too!”

Why Parents Should Encourage Science Camp:

“If your kids enjoy hand-on learning and science, then this is the camp for them! The Camp is both educational and fun, which makes the kids much more attentive! The fun factor is the key!”

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