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Carus offers a robust internship program focused on providing opportunities for college students to gain hands-on work experience, develop personal work skills, and gain exposure to the world of chemical manufacturing. For many of our interns, this may be the first step to a career in manufacturing, engineering, or another relevant field. 

Carus welcomes interns from a variety of intended career paths, including chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, environmental health & safety, as well as finance, IT, human resources, and more. 



Each intern is partnered with a supervisor who will guide their daily work and provide guidance and mentorship throughout the internship. This is an active partnership between an intern and a more senior level employee, and we find this relationship is most successful when the two have a shared passion for their field of work.

Work Experience & Site Visits

Our goal is to provide interns with valuable, hands-on experience relevant to their field of study. Prior to beginning their internship, the supervisor will identify projects that will both add value to Carus and expand the intern’s technical knowledge. We pride ourselves on providing interns with real projects that challenge students to leverage critical thinking and problem solving skills. Recent examples of intern projects include:

  • Developing and implementing a consistent project management process for all departments
  • Mapping process workflow for manufacturing line
  • Developing and implementing a new contractor safety program with training
  • Updating labeling system throughout the manufacturing plant
  • Updating checklist to ensure all machinery is being inspected daily
  • Inspecting and updating signage that required cleaning or replacement
  • Developing and implementing new electronic assessment form
  • Maximizing Carus sustainability efforts and cost savings through new process development
  • Generating part numbers for the new ERP system
  • Posting cash for the accounting department

In addition to daily work responsibilities and special projects, Carus interns participate in several offsite visits to expand their knowledge of manufacturing, local history, and the Carus business. Interns are responsible for completing trip reports to summarize each field visit.

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Report Out

Throughout the summer, interns prepare an PowerPoint presentation summarizing their work. The presentation focuses on the student, their career path, and some of their projects and takeaways from the summer. At the end of the summer, interns present their presentations to a small group of Carus employees. We also host a small celebration for our interns to thank them for their contributions. We find great value in our summer interns, and appreciate the passion, thoughtfulness, and fresh perspective they bring to the business.

Intern With Carus

Ready to learn more about the Carus internship program? Check out the Carus Facebook page for a behind the scenes look at our internship program. Look back on our 2022 summer interns as they learn, grow, and explore.

Want to be considered for an internship? We typically begin accepting applications in the fall. Internship opportunities will be posted along with other available career opportunities. In the meantime, visit the Join Our Team page to learn more about working at Carus.

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