Permanganate Oxidation for Pharmaceutical

Carus has an extensive history of assisting with the production of customized organic intermediates via organic oxidation. Our expertise in permanganate oxidation chemistry and unique manufacturing experience can be valuable in troubleshooting filtration and oxidation issues.

CAIROX® potassium permanganate and LIQUOX® sodium permanganate are used by the pharmaceutical industry to purify or synthesize antibiotics, steroids, tranquilizers, antiemetics, and other commercial drugs.

Carus is also able to leverage our experience and technical expertise in the capacity of a third party manufacturer. Over the years, customers have relied on Carus to reduce their handling needs and efficiently complete their organic oxidations. If your needs meet any of the below criteria, Carus can be a valuable third party manufacturing option:

  • Chemistry – Cis-addition to double bond or oxidation of aromatic side chains
  • Yield – Our chemists have specific expertise in increasing yields of permanganate reactions because we have over 100 years as the global leader in permanganate chemistry
  • Process Conditions – Neutral to Alkaline conditions where Potassium is the only cation
  • Waste Product Handling – Carus has the ability to recycle the Manganese co-product, eliminating your need to deal with it as waste

Please contact us for more information on how permanganate can be used in the pharmaceutical industry or how Carus can provide third party manufacturing options.

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