Wastewater Treatment

The addition of permanganate directly to sanitary wastewater and commercial/industrial wastewater solves many operational problems caused by odors, dissolved sulfides, high oxygen demands, grease accumulation, metal and concrete corrosion, and pollutant toxicity.  Importantly, its strength means that it reacts rapidly – within minutes.  Permanganate’s reactivity will fragment (oxidize) organic compounds, easily breaking double bonds, changing their structure and altering the chemical groups that are responsible for many odors. These odor-causing chemicals are unhealthy for exposed workers, corrosive to plant equipment, and a nuisance to the public. In addition to odor control products, Carus provides personalized application support to tailor solutions to your needs.  In conjunction with partner companies, Carus supplies equipment for permanganate feeding and hydrogen sulfide monitoring for complete application packages. 

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) results from septic conditions during the collection and treatment of wastewater. This toxic, colorless gas, known for its rotten egg smell, is produced by the biological reduction of sulfates and the decomposition of organic material. Permanganate oxidation treatment rapidly destroys hydrogen sulfide in wastewater and biosolids.  

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Mercaptan Odor Control

The anaerobic decomposition of organic matter in wastewater results in the formation of hydrogen sulfide.  However, these conditions also lead to the production of other odor compounds, such as mercaptans and amines. As a strong oxidizer, permanganate goes beyond the destruction of hydrogen sulfide alone.  It attacks the characteristic odor structure of these molecules, eliminating their odors as well. 

Landfill Leachate

Landfill leachate is the liquid that leaches from a landfill’s waste material. This water often has an odor that leads to complaints or illness from workers, neighbors, and municipal wastewater operators. Carus’ permanganate products effectively and rapidly eliminate sulfur compounds commonly found in landfill leachate.

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