Lead & Copper Rule

The updated Lead & Copper rule was published in the Federal Register in January 2021 and contains may changes from the original rule published in 1991. This webinar will cover the changes in the new rule including lead service line inventory and what determines if a service line is lead, lead service line replacement and the requirements after replacement, and sampling protocol based on if the home has a lead service line. Options for corrosion control treatment will be discussed including pH, silicate, and phosphate addition along with requirements for how to optimize corrosion control treatment based on the materials in you system. Finally, public notification timeline for a violation for lead and copper and the steps that need to be taken to get back into compliance with the regulation will be discussed.
Darin Skutt has worked for Carus for over 20 years. As the Technical Marketing Specialist, Darin conducts laboratory testing and product demonstrations for Carus municipal, industrial, and environmental customers and prospective new customers.