Well Cleaning

Carus' BioPurge® line of products are designed to clear away oxidized metal build-up, scale deposits, and biofilms when used in conjunction with biocides that can impact the water quality you provide to the customer.





Prior to treatment with BioPurge, wells can have a variety of issue as shown above.  These can affect water quality by:

  • Lowering the flow rate from the well
  • Microbiological corrosion from microorganisms
  • Higher corrosion rates from the addition of higher disinfectant feed rates in order to combat the biofilm
  • Increased DBPs from the combination of biofilms and disinfectants
  • Taste and odor issues

Treatment with the BioPurge product line in a well cleaning can penetrate the biofilm and disperse it along with cleaning up the oxidized metal and scale build-up at the same time.  This allows your disinfectant to quickly and efficiently destroy the biofilms impacting your water quality.



After treatment with the BioPurge product line, your well can see many benefits as shown above.  These include:

  • Improved flow rate
  • Reduced microbiological corrosion from microorganisms
  • Lower corrosion rates from feeding lower disinfectant rates
  • Lower DBPs
  • No taste and odor issues

Biofilm meet your match: BioPurge® Well Cleaning Solution

Additional information:

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