Iron/Manganese Oxidation

Iron and manganese are controlled by water treatment systems to EPA recommended levels.  These metals can contribute to scale formation and corrosion in distribution lines, leading to flow reduction.  Staining of fixtures and clothes can occur, with taste complaints.  While manganese at trace levels is considered an essential micronutrient, higher levels of manganese have been associated with negative health effects.  Permanganate’s strong yet safe oxidizing power can remove these metals. 

Worldwide, permanganate oxidation-precipitation of soluble iron or manganese is accepted treatment for groundwater or surface water supplies.  Permanganate, under normal water treatment conditions, rapidly reacts with iron or manganese, producing a precipitated floc that is removed by coagulation, flocculation and settling, or filtration.

Further details of iron and manganese removal by can be found in the technical brief below.

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