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One Year from January 11 Fire, Carus Continues to Commit to Safety and the Community

Carus remains thankful for the safe evacuation of our LaSalle manufacturing plant during last year’s incident. We credit the dedication of our team, who diligently followed our Emergency Response Plan, and first responders who arrived quickly with a focus on extinguishing the fire and ensuring everyone’s safety.

Throughout 2023 Carus continually took steps to address community concerns:

  • Opened a community hotline to address immediate needs
  • Held community town halls focusing on listening to community concerns and acting on them
  • Worked alongside community members and City of LaSalle officials to ensure response plans are in place by all parties to keep the community safe
  • A donation of an all-new air quality monitor to the City of LaSalle
  • Retired the Apollo warehouse

Yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of the fire, it was fitting to pause our manufacturing operations and come together as a team for a meaningful Safety Stand Down, where our employees received additional safety training. Our President and CEO, Andy Johnston, emphasized the event’s purpose, stating, “Our safety standards are a promise not just to our team but to our families, friends, and communities as well.”

The Safety Stand Down featured vital safety training by our Environmental, Health, Safety, and Security (EHSS) team. Additionally, we enjoyed a seminar by distinguished author and safety consultant, Timothy Ludwig, Ph.D. The event also included a team-building exercise lead by Best Corporate Events where 18 adult-sized bicycles were built and donated, along with helmets, bike locks, and a bike rack, to the new, local non-profit organization, Maitri Path to Wellness.

The non-profit, founded by Kelly Jones, focuses on substance abuse and mental health support. It will provide a supportive environment for people with addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, grief, and life transitions. Jones expressed gratitude for the donations, stating, “These bikes will be impactful for individuals who may not have a means of transportation.”

Rich Landtiser, Ph.D., Vice President of Innovation, Technology, and EHSS at Carus, emphasized the symbolism of the bikes, stating, “They represent a bridge between our commitment to safety and our dedication to community well-being. These bikes also stand as a beacon of renewed hope and transformation for the individuals who will benefit from them.”

Carus Leadership and Kelly Jones Safety Stand Down

Carus remains committed to being a responsible neighbor, safeguarding the safety of the environment and supporting the well-being of the community.

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