Sugar Processing

SucrOx® processing aid is an exciting new technology for improving mill performance in the cane sugar, beet sugar and related industries. 

The patent pending addition of SucrOx to harvested crop entering the factory and to extracted sugar juices results in cost savings and increased production due to improved plant reliability and juice purity.

As demonstrated in the graphic above, benefits of adding SucrOx during juice extraction of sugarcane include:

  1. Juice purity improvement
  2. Cleaning of juice equipment surfaces resulting in reduced down time
  3. Improved clarification for faster settling and reduced turbidity
  4. Improved evaporator heat transfer
  5. Reduced evaporator cleaning costs

What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

"Before applying SucrOx, our purity line wasn't stable with great variations in purity percentages."

- Process Manager, Louisiana Sugar Mill


After seeing the benefits of SucrOx at his mill, Operations Officer, Lousiana Sugar Mill, "regrets not trying the product sooner."


Cane sugar and beet sugar mills interested in more information or trialing SucrOx, should reach out to us via email, our contact form, or call us at 800-435-6856.