Carus Quarter Century Club Welcomes Four New Members

Last Thursday evening, we gathered for a truly special occasion, the annual Quarter Century Club dinner. This remarkable celebration is all about honoring our colleagues who’ve dedicated a quarter of a century to Carus, and it holds deep significance in our company’s history.

Reaching the 25-year milestone is no small feat. It signifies enduring dedication, unwavering hard work, and a substantial contribution to Carus’ journey of growth and success. These individuals have not just weathered the winds of change; they’ve thrived in the ever-evolving landscape of our business. They’ve demonstrated incredible loyalty and commitment that’s made them an invaluable part of our company’s culture and history.

The Quarter Century Club event is a night filled with well-deserved recognition for our new inductees and a joyful celebration of our current members. This year, we welcomed four new members to this distinguished club: Ron Gladhill, Tyrone Kirkpatrick, Tim Postula, and Bob Strickland. They join a group of 25 current employees and 42 retirees who are members of the Quarter Century Club.

These individuals have left an indelible mark on Carus. Let’s extend our warmest congratulations to all the members of this remarkable club!

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