Carbon Monoxide Destruction

CARULITE® 300 catalysts are used to effectively destroy carbon monoxide in compressed breathing air, respirators, escape masks, and in cryogenic gas purification.

The versatility and effectiveness of CARULITE 300 catalysts make it the benchmark technology for removal of deadly carbon monoxide from compressed breathing air sources. It also provides for removal of carbon monoxide in respirators/escape masks, as well as in the production of ultra-high purity nitrogen, oxygen, and argon. Ambient temperature destruction of carbon monoxide coupled with long catalyst lifetime provides a cost-effective solution to the removal of carbon monoxide.

Compressed Breathing Air

CARULITE 300 catalysts are an essential part of air purification systems used for the removal of carbon monoxide and other gasses from compressed air sources.

Carulite Diagram

Typical applications for compressed breathing air includes:

  • Firefighting
  • SCUBA Diving
  • Medical
  • Spray Painting
  • Sand Blasting

Compressed air is pre-filtered and passed through a desiccant dryer where water vapor is removed to a -40°C dew point. Activated carbon or other media is then used to remove oils and other volatile organic compounds, prior to contact with the catalyst bed. The dry treated air is passed through the CARULITE 300 catalyst to convert the carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide. The air is then passed through a post-filter to produce breathing quality air.

The compressed breathing quality air flows to a supplied-air type breathing apparatus is used to fill SCBA tanks, or in other applications where high-quality air is required.

Cryogenic Air Purification

CARULITE 300 catalysts are an essential part of cryogenic air purification systems designed to produce ultra-high purity nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Ultra-high purity gases are used in the production of semiconductors. CARULITE 300 catalysts are mainly used to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, which can then be removed from the gas stream. CARULITE 300 catalysts provide the added benefit of destroying some of the hydrogens in the air stream, which can reduce the amount of expensive precious metal catalyst required in subsequent purification steps.

Escape Masks

Escape masks are used to remove carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases encountered during a fire. CARULITE 300 catalysts are used in the escape mask filter to destroy toxic and dangerous carbon monoxide. These masks are designed to provide the wearer sufficient time to escape to a safe environment. CARULITE 300 catalysts are widely used in escape mask filters that meet European EN 403 specifications.