Amway Center Exterior

A Slam Dunk Cleanup

With March Madness winding down, it seems only fitting to share this bit of basketball related Carus history during the month of March. For more than a century, Carus has used innovation to provide environmental solutions used to meet the unique needs of our customers, while also making the world a better place.

Did you know the Orlando Magic NBA basketball team is able to play at the Amway Center in Downtown Orlando, Florida, in part, because of Carus? Prior to the building of the Amway Center, the construction site was found to have perchloroethylene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), which were known to cause cancer, in the groundwater at levels that exceeded those allowed by the Florida Groundwater Cleanup Target Level (CTL).

For construction of the event center to remain on schedule, the level of VOC’s needed to be drastically reduced in less than a year. As such, In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) was determined to be the quickest, most-thorough, and most-economical solution to the problem. Rather than removing all contaminated soil and water to be treated off site, ISCO remediation technology allows the environment to be cleaned on site.

After the construction site was first treated with catalyzed hydrogen peroxide (CHP) solution, Carus REMOX® Remediation product was then used. REMOX® diffuses more slowly than CHP and has a longer lifetime in the subsurface. As a result, the VOC level fell from 14,645 micrograms per liter to less than the target level of 3 micrograms per liter.

This feat was accomplished in roughly nine months, which allowed the construction of the sports center to proceed on schedule. The Magic played their first game at the center on October 10, 2010.

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