Lead & Copper: Why Communication Matters in Engineering Projects & Compliance Solutions with Phosphates

Lead and copper- words we hear almost daily in the news. Every day, utilities work to replace lead service lines, install new water main and wastewater pipes or upgrade storm water systems.  The work is critical to public health and a community’s viability.  It’s important stakeholders and customers know the story behind the effort and that’s where a communication plan can make or break a project. Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water’s Vice President of Communications and Marketing will share this utility’s story of how it’s crafted a successful communication effort around lead.  This utility has adopted a cross-functional model that includes engineers, scientists, field crews, inspectors and communicators.  The result is stakeholder engagement and customer buy-in. In addition to effective communications, Mr. Tim Postula, Caruss, Midwest Technical Sales Manager, will briefly highlight phosphate solutions to keep your facilities in compliance.

Presenters: Kelley Dearing-Smith, Louisville Water Company & Tim Postula, Carus