Lead & Copper Control with Phosphates

Compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule can be challenging for many water systems and can be achieved by a variety of different treatment techniques including the application of a corrosion inhibitor.

This presentation covers the lead and copper rule and its application to a water system. In addition, a case study will highlight the Racine Water Utility (RWU) which began to treat in early 1993 using a blended phosphate. Since 1993, the RWU has been in compliance except for a period of 2004-2007. The RWU conducted investigations and changed chemical formulations of the corrosion inhibitor in an effort to bring the system back into compliance. Beginning in 2008 and continuing through the present, the lead levels have been reduced significantly and the Utility is in compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule. The RWU has never exceeded the copper action level.