Landfill Leachate Odor Control

Fugitive odors of landfill leachates are problematic. Today, there is much interest in controlling odors released during the collection, handling, and disposal of landfill leachate.  While the primary focus of leachate treatment must always be to meet the applicable environmental regulations, fugitive odors cannot be ignored.

Permanganate treatment has been used to effectively and rapidly eliminate the sulfur and nitrogen compounds commonly found in non-hazardous landfill leachate.  This free webinar will discuss the basic chemistry of permanganate treatment and its practical implementation at landfill sites.

Permanganate’s oxidation chemistry is unique in its capability to rapidly eliminate obnoxious and dangerous odor compounds, whether in air or water.  It has been used to control odors from a variety of industries, including food processing, manufacturing plants, and landfills. Permanganate chemistry is easy to implement and use with the availability of concentrated liquid permanganate products such as CARUSOL® liquid permanganate


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