Eliminating Wastewater Odors with Permanganate

Presenter: John Boll, Carus


The odor destroying properties of permanganate have been recognized for decades and many current industrial and municipal applications are based on its ability to alter or eliminate odor compounds.  Odor control applications typically involve adding permanganate directly into water to destroy volatile odor compounds before they are released into the air.  Alternately, permanganate, in the form of a water solution or as a dry coating on a solid support, has been used to wash contaminated gases making them odor-free.

Knowing that permanganate will react with odor compounds leads naturally to the question of how it can be best applied.  Unique permanganate products are now available allowing treatment schemes to be tailored to meet the requirements of the site of the odor emissions.

This webinar presents information on several commercially available permanganate products, permanganate’s reactivity with different odor compounds, descriptions of sites that have been successfully treated with permanganate, and which permanganate product was chosen to be the best solution to the problem.