Odor issues heating up in the summer months? Meet CAIROX® NUGGETS

CAIROX® NUGGETS are an essential addition to your toolkit for combating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) odors. CAIROX® NUGGETS are thumbnail sized, dark purple, potassium permanganate granules that are great for peak odor control. Many customers swear by them when dealing with increased summer-time odor complaints or for temporary relief during process tours from external visitors. Whether at the lift station or dewatering buildings, CAIROX® NUGGETS are made for the expedient destruction of septic conditions and hydrogen sulfide.

How our Customers Use CAIROX® NUGGETS

An operator at a very large Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Northeast United States, had success adding CAIROX® potassium permanganate powder to tanks when taking them down for maintenance. He found that potassium permanganate presented a quick way to eliminate odors. When cascading pails of the purple powder into the remaining solids at the bottom of the tanks, the odors were eliminated completely in seconds and remained odor-free for hours!


When doing this, he noticed in gusty conditions the powder’s dust could catch in the wind. He found that by adding CAIROX® NUGGETS, not only was the risk of dust reduced, they also sank to the bottom of the remaining residual in the tanks – resulting in better mixing. CAIROX® NUGGETS, with their larger particle size and slow release, tackle peak odor issues with ease on the windiest of days.


Another instance where CAIROX® NUGGETS were the preferred solution, was for Wastewater Treatment Plants that incinerated sludge.  Trucks filled with septage and sludge would arrive at the plant and discharge 4,000-7,000 gallons of odorous sludge. The result, a tremendous release of H2S.


Fortunately, potassium permanganate reacts instantly with H2S. By adding a few pounds of CAIROX® NUGGETS to the trucks before their journey, the odors of the sludge were completely eliminated. In addition to removing the odor issue, the Wastewater Treatment Plant receiving the sludge also noticed the color of the sludge had a favorable brown “iced tea color” and dewatered much better than the typical black or grayish sludge.


These are just some of the applications in which CAIROX® NUGGETS can be used. Besides odor control in sewer collection systems, applications include relieving dissolved oxygen depletion in wastewater lagoons and for some agricultural and aquacultural uses. 


Because of CAIROX® NUGGETS’ convenient form, their slow dissolution rate ensures that 70% of the active permanganate is still available when it reaches the bottom of anaerobic lagoons, ponds, and clarifiers to treat settled solids. Based on settling velocity of .08 foot/sec, the average particle reaches the bottom of a 15-foot lagoon in just under 15 minutes. 


If you or an operator you know is struggling with H2S issues like these, please contact us or give us a call at 800-435-6856. You may also be interested in viewing for our Hydrogen Sulfide Elimination Webinar.