Soil Blending: Amendment Kinetics and Soil Strength Recovery

Webinar Summary:
Soil blending is an aggressive remedial technique that requires a focus of resources (equipment, personnel, and usually amendment) on a particular contaminated volume. It is often performed under time critical remediation drivers like property transfer and rapid construction, which will limit subsequent access to a site for additional cleanup or polishing. As a result, the remediation strategy must be reliable, fast, and comprehensive. The effective rate of reaction (kinetics) of the applied amendment is vital to the success of the cleanup. In addition to successful resolution of contamination, recovery of the site for future use (e.g., commercial/residential buildings, sports fields, etc.) after soil blending can be as important as the cleanup. There are several ways to recover the original or even improve soil strength and other site properties to rapidly enable the future use goals for the site.  Concepts and case studies are presented.

Dr. Joe Rossabi, Redox Tech, LLC

Joe Rossabi is the part owner of Redox Tech, LLC where he applies innovative remediation solutions, including chemical injection and soil blending (for oxidation, reduction, and bio-enhanced degradation of contaminants), metals stabilization techniques, hydraulic fracturing, steam injection, and electrochemistry to soil and groundwater contamination. He is an expert in subsurface access and amendment application techniques. Redox Tech is a small business and leading innovator in the development of new chemistries and strategies for in situ contaminant treatment including the application of solid, liquid, and gas phases to address subsurface contamination.

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