Combined Use of Mechanical & Chemical Treatments

NAPLsense, a continuous monitoring system, gathers real time NAPL data of oil in the groundwater. Launched by GeoStream, the system continuously monitors the depth of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (LNAPL) and groundwater to give real time data on the thickness of hydrocarbons in the groundwater. Additional topics to be discussed include: in-house bench-scale treatability services providing a wide range of process based remediation techniques and chemical injection capabilities. 



Dr. Chris Evans and Mr. James Cartwright, GeoStream UK 


Dr. Chris Evans joined the McAuliffe Group in September 2017 as Technical Director, working specifically in McAuliffe’s specialist remediation side of the business, GeoStream. Chris is a Chartered Civil Engineer with more than 25 years’ academic and industrial experience in both geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering, having worked for some of the largest stakeholders across the UK and Europe. He brings extensive expertise and detailed specialist knowledge of all aspects of physical, chemical and biological treatment techniques for soils and groundwater to the GeoStream team.

James Cartwright is the Southern Area Director for GeoStream UK with over 25 years’ experience in contaminated groundwater and soil remediation. He is a Chartered Environmental Engineer earning his Bachelors in Civil Engineering and Masters in Structural Steel Design. and has worked on a wide variety. With James’ background in the oil and gas sector, he has worked in many safety critical environments in the UK and overseas. Key projects include numerous in situ and ex-situ projects, the UK’s largest SVE system, bioremediation of over 250,000t of soil, thermal treatment of soils and multiple groundwater treatment systems. Over the past seven years, James has fulfilled the MD role for specialist Design and Build Environmental Contractors.