Chemical Oxidation for Remediation: A Practical Introduction and Recent Advances in the Technology

Chemical oxidation for remediation is not new. In fact, hydrogen peroxide was first used in 1985 to treat a formaldehyde spill at Monsanto’s Indian Orchard Plant in Springfield, Massachusetts. What has changed, however, is our knowledge and experience of its use and application.

This webinar will introduce the concept of chemical oxidation, showing how this technology can be applied for remediation. To help demystify the technology, we will re-visit some basic principles of organic chemistry, as well as highlighting the key theoretical and practical differentiators between chemical oxidation and bioremediation.

Next, we will cover the site-specific parameters that need to be considered prior to oxidant selection. This will include a detailed discussion on several of the more commonly used oxidants for remediation, addressing their pros and cons as well as any recent advances in their use and application. Our findings will be illustrated by a Geostream UK case study, which shows effective use of chemical oxidation in combination with other technologies.