RemOx® S and L ISCO Reagents: Various Successful Sites


Carus, the only North American manufacturer of permanganate, is committed to providing customers with remediation solutions. Our remediation brands, RemOx® S and RemOx® L ISCO reagents (potassium and sodium permanganates) are the trusted oxidants of choice for chlorinated ethene treatment.


RemOx is a single component oxidant which does not require complex mixing or distribution of multiple compounds. It requires no activation, catalysis, or pH adjustment, and the total volume of fluids injected are reduced.


RemOx is a long-lasting oxidant which persists in the subsurface to treat compounds desorbing from the matrix or by diffusing into tight matrices. Its characteristic purple color often acts as a tracer in the subsurface allowing visualization of the RemOx transport. These characteristics are a few of the benefits of permanganate which is being utilized at sites worldwide.


Here we have included a variety of case studies. Through these various case studies, RemOx demonstrates its success in different geographical areas, at varying concentrations, within unique site challenges, providing innovative approaches to remedial cleanup.


Are you interested in learning about an additional site besides the case studies here? Check out our Remediation Webinar Recordings for further presentations. 


Case Studies:

In Situ Soil Blending with RemOx® S ISCO Reagent to Treat TCE and DCE in Clay at a Former Industrial Site

Constant Head Injection for Enhanced Site Remediation

RemOx® S ISCO Reagent Proves an Effective component in TCE Treatment at Lowry Air Force Base

Groundwater Remediation Project- London Olympics Site

A New Approach to Combining ISCO with Chemical Reduction to Destroy Carbon Tetrachloride DNAPL and Mixed Plumes