Calcium/Scale Control

Potable and non-potable water can be adversely affected by high levels of calcium and magnesium (total hardness). The naturally occurring minerals have the potential to oxidize and create aesthetic and physical concerns for water utilities. The calcium or magnesium can deposit in distribution systems as a scale. Physically, this scale can restrict flow, plug water meters, and even block water lines in houses completely. Aesthetically the mineral deposits can lead to cloudy water and film formation in dishwashers and on household shower tubs and fixtures.

Carus has developed a complete line of sodium and potassium-based phosphate blends that sequester high levels of minerals (Fe, Mn, Ca). The Carus polyphosphate blends create a ring like structure around the calcium molecule to create compounds that are resistant to oxidation and precipitation. Carus polyphosphate blends utilize long chain threshold treatment technology to create extremely stable blends to keep minerals in solution over longer periods of time and in a variety of water quality conditions. The use of Carus polyphosphate blends eliminates scale formation, cloudy water and improves C- Factors (flow) in the distribution system. Additional benefits include improved disinfection (lower chlorine demand), effective corrosion control at lower pH levels and improved flushing programs. 

Carus sales and technical advisors work with you to evaluate water quality and recommend effective treatment solutions for all types of water treatment facilities including ground water, surface water, conventional filtration and membrane technology. Carus scale control programs are supported by our full time technical service and laboratory teams. The support includes site visits and water quality testing to insure effective treatment recommendations.             

Carus products which support the scale control treatment objective include: