Lead & Copper

Carus' phosphate program is the preferred choice for lead and copper conerns. Municipalities are faced with more stringent water quality regulations which may require new or alternative technologies. Carus has developed a complete line of over 75 poly-orthophosphate, zinc orthophosphate and orthophosphate blends to effectively reduce corrosion in potable and non-potable systems and mitigate the release of lead and copper. We are uniquely positioned with the most comprehensive program to assist municipalities in meeting potable water treatment goals. Carus’ sales and technical advisors work with you to evaluate water quality and recommend effective treatment solutions. The solutions include site visits and water quality testing to insure effective treatment recommendations. Ongoing treatment is supported by corrosion coupon test programs and water quality analysis to ensure long-term compliance with the EPA Lead and Copper regulations.


“We are really proud of the water we pump and distribute. Carus was our partner when we did our optimal corrosion control plan.” -Midwest Water Superintendent

“We are confident in the products you provide.” -Director of Public Works

 “Finding vendors and partners we can rely on a day to day basis is paramount. We really value our partnership with Carus.” -Midwest Director of Public Works

When your pipe looks like this, shown on left, it's costing your municipality more money to pump water. Let our products clear up your pipes, shown on right.

For more information:
-View our on-demand webinar on phosphate solutions for lead and copper
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