The most pressing concern today for municipal water systems is the aging distribution system. Years of neglect have left many systems with corroded infrastructures that lead to a number of water quality and structural issues.  Carus has a complete line of over 50 uniquely formulated phosphate blends designed to effectively control corrosion in a wide range of water quality. Carus provides the science behind controlling corrosion in your distribution system by choosing the right product for your water quality objectives.  Carus products help clean, maintain and extend the life of system infrastructure including mains, service lines, valves, meters and household plumbing. Our corrosion programs are designed to provide a microscopic film formation on metal surfaces eliminating red water and ensuring compliance with EPA Lead and Copper regulations. The programs help to reduce lead and copper from leaching from lead service lines, copper plumbing with lead solder and household fixtures. In addition, the Carus corrosion programs can lower chlorine demand, lower pH requirements, improve C factors (flow) and yield more effective flushing programs.

Carus corrosion programs are supported by our full time technical service and laboratory teams. The support includes site visits and water quality testing to insure effective treatment recommendations. Ongoing treatment is supported by corrosion coupon test programs and water quality analysis to ensure that proper feed rates are being maintained and effective corrosion treatment is achieved.    

Carus products which support the corrosion control treatment objective include: