Celebrating 20 years without a recordable injury, Carus' Belmont site is recognized for safety excellence

Belmont, N.C. - For the fifth consecutive year, the North Carolina Department of Labor is recognizing Carus’s Belmont, N.C. location with a Gold Award for outstanding safety performance. The Carus facility is celebrating 20 years without an OSHA recordable injury.

The Department of Labor’s Gold Award is given to North Carolina companies who maintain an incident rate at least 50 percent below the industry average, including days away from work, restricted duty, or safety-related job transfers.

Carus is a leading manufacturer of environmental solutions for water treatment, soil remediation, and air purification. Its Belmont site, which manufactures phosphates mainly used for keeping lead and other heavy metals out of drinking water, was also recently recognized by the American Chemistry Council for exceptional safety performance.

Mack Cochran, who has served as Belmont Plant Manager for the last 20 years, says maintaining an excellent safety record is all about making safety personal for everyone.

“When you talk candidly to employees about what it really means to be hurt, the permanence, the impact on their families, it tends to hit home and drive good safety habits,” said Cochran.

Carus’ Belmont facility has broken production records in each of the five years it’s received the Gold Award. “The challenge is to continue delivering great production results for our customers, while keeping safety at the forefront,” said Cochran. “Staying safe means we don’t rush or cut corners. ‘I’ll just do this quickly’ are often the last words before an accident.”

Founded 1915 in LaSalle, IL, Carus is a family-owned company, manufacturing permanganates, phosphates, and catalysts. Carus is a member of the American Chemistry Council and an active participant in the industry’s award-winning Responsible Care® initiative, working to make life better, healthier, and safer through chemistry. For more information, visit

Belmont employees receive the Gold Award from North Carolina’s Commissioner of Labor, Cherie Berry (center).