Carus Partners with City of LaSalle for Water Treatment Plant Tours

LaSalle, IL - A cup of coffee and a shower are daily habits just as routine as flushing a toilet or filling the dog’s water bowl. But when we think about life without the infrastructure and city partners that bring clean, safe water into our homes, it becomes harder to take these tasks for granted.  

To shed light on what it takes to ensure LaSalle’s clean water supply, the City is teaming up with Carus to Imagine a Day Without Water. On October 23rd, the public is invited to tour the LaSalle water treatment plant at 234 Union Street in LaSalle and see the process through which clean drinking water is sent to LaSalle homes and businesses.

This free event will be held open house style with giveaways and raffles throughout. No registration is necessary. The public is invited to show up anytime between noon and 2:30 p.m.

Carus, a LaSalle-based environmental company that supplies water treatment products to the city, will co-host and explain the chemistry behind delivering clean, safe water to LaSalle residents and businesses.

Carus companies supply the city of LaSalle with products to help prevent iron, manganese, lead, copper, discoloration, viruses, and bacteria in the city’s drinking water.

“As communities like Flint, Michigan and Newark, New Jersey make headlines for safety concerns surrounding their water supply, interest in our nation’s water infrastructure has risen,” said Jeff Bumgarner, LaSalle’s Superintendent of Public Works. “It’s important that we give people the opportunity to see where their water comes from, the chemistry behind it, and the infrastructure that carries it through our town.”

Organized by the Value of Water Coalition, Imagine a Day Without Water, is a national awareness campaign focused on the state of our nation’s water infrastructure and the crucial need for investment in drinking water and wastewater systems. Carus has been helping communities meet regulatory requirements for clean water since the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Safe Drinking Water Act in the 1970s.

Founded 1915 in LaSalle, IL, Carus is a family-owned company, manufacturing permanganates, phosphates, and catalysts. Carus is a member of the American Chemistry Council and an active participant in the industry’s award-winning Responsible Care® initiative, working to make life better, healthier, and safer through chemistry. For more information, visit