Scientific Work Experience Program for Teachers (SWEPT)

Piloted as an externship in 1998 by Carus, the Scientific Work Experience Program provides teachers with workplace experience that connects curriculum and instruction to the “real world” of work, to further their own professional development, and to better understand career opportunities in the rapidly-changing fields of science, math and technology.

SWEPT is based on the belief that educators who gain professional experience outside of education are better equipped to prepare students for entry into the workforce.

SWEPT provides teachers:

  • Flexible, full-time summer employment with evenings and weekends off
  • Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDUs) in addition to hourly wages
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with local business leaders and other area educators
  • The chance to learn new skills or sharpen existing ones, such as communication, time management, working knowledge of business practices, new computer programs and technologies

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Information about upcoming SWEPT opportunities is available on our Employment Opportunities page.