Our Vision

Bringing together customers, employees, and specialty chemistries to create innovative solutions.
At Carus Group Inc. we manufacture quality products to help our customers solve environmental concerns. 

Our vision reflects a long-term commitment to serve our customers.


Our Values

Trust     Collaboration      Results      Resourcefulness

At Carus, we solve environmental concerns for B2Bs. The specialty chemistries we develop help our clients remove unwanted pollutants and contaminants from their materials and processes.

Our clients come to us looking for cost-effective and environmentally attractive alternatives to treatment of water, groundwater, soil, and air. We specialize in manganese-based catalysts, permanganate oxidation treatment, blended phosphate technology, and polymer formulations.

Everything we do comes back to relationships. Our strength lies in bringing together our customers with our specialists to find the right chemical innovation for each application. Our technical support and development teams are able to customize our products to fit our clients’ needs.

To make that happen, we provide a range of lab and field services to help analyze where you are now and what you need. We then provide safety and application training to ensure our products are implemented effectively.

If you‘d like to be connected with one of our experts, please don't hesitate to contact us.