Alexander Chemical

Alexander Chemical Corporation, a Carus Group Inc. company, is a leader in the water purification chemical industry. With a focus on customer service, our goal is to supply products and services that our partners need to better their businesses and operations.

In 1950, Alexander Maley founded the Alexander Chemical Corporation, bringing to the industry his unflagging commitment to expert service and quality products. Today, as a leader in the water purification chemical industry, we supply chlor-alkali products and industrial gases, to major chemical companies, public utilities, industrial users, and municipalities throughout the Midwest region.

Alexander Chemical offers DOT Cylinder Hydrostatic Testing and Certification and cylinder maintenance services for your cylinder/container fleet.

Alexander Chemical was acquired by Carus Group Inc. in 2010. As a result, Alexander’s product line has expanded to include CAIROX® Potassium Permanganate, CARUSOL® Sodium Permanganate, and the Carus Phosphates Family of products. Alexander is proud to be part of Carus Group Inc. and the vision to create long-term relationships to best serve our customers’ needs.